When you hire a wedding photographer, you are making an investment that will bring you joy and even bittersweet comfort for decades to come. You are also creating an heirloom to share with future generations. However, you can’t share them if you don’t take care to save them. Here are 5 ways to share and […]

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5 Ways to Share & Save your Wedding Images

I first came across Bernd and Hilla’s Becher’s work in a booth at the Aipad Photography show. There were only a few prints on the wall, but I was intrigued. This exhibit give the lifespan of their photographs of mainly operational industrial machinery and buildings across Germany, Western Europe and the US the space it […]

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Bernd and Hilla Becher at The Met

Over the years, requests for privacy, not sharing identifiable images of a wedding publicly online or in social media, have increased. I’ve had appeals ranging from, “Due to my job as a CEO, diplomat, law enforcement officer, etc.” to, “We’re just private people,” and most concerning, “I have a stalker.” Whatever the reason may be, […]


Privacy is the Ultimate Luxury

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