August 22, 2022

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When I first started photographing around DUMBO back in 2007, a scene such as the one described in this New York Times article, “Can a Neighborhood be Instagrammed to Death”, would have seemed impossible. There were the occasional fashion shoots, but nothing like a selfie hot spot.

15 years later, tourists and influencers flock to this particular location with views of the Manhattan Bridge. (I’m sure many think it is the Brooklyn Bridge.) The street is even blocked off for outdoor dining adding to the scene. 

I happily take snapshots of my clients if we pass through the area, but I try to take photos on that street from a different vantage point. (Or go early in the day, or in the winter.) However, when I took a couple there yesterday, there were even people taking photos in my favorite area because it was so mobbed below. Sigh.

And as a kicker, there is scaffolding on the lower half of the tower at the moment. As if on cue the bridge decided to cover up for a make-over.

In other DUMBO news, it appears that One Girl Cookie on 33 Main Street is now operating as Dawn’s ‘TIL DUSK, a sister brand of the same company. I’ve taken many couples there over the years for a pit stop. It appears it will still be a coffee shop in part and offering a wine & aperitivo hour snack menu in the evenings. Open from 8am-8pm.

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